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Green Governance and Technology Consultancy Services

Krayno has a knowledge-led approach accompanied by an integrated portfolio of sustainable developments and IT-enabled strategies for implementation and application of change management in any professional or enterprise green building and construction ventures.

We offer Sustainability and LEED Consultancy and BIM Implementation, Training, and Outsourcing services.

  • LEED Certification Consultancy
  • International Green Building Practices and Standards
  • Collaborative Sustainable Development
  • Integrated Project Deliveries
  • True Value Engineering
  • Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Smart Green Framework Orientation
  • Parametric Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technologies
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Software and Web-enabled Innovations
  • Information Architecture System Designs

Customized Software Solutions

Krayno values innovations oriented to green initiatives and the importance of smooth integration of any new technologies in the industry. We create and customize technology solutions to help improve practice management and build technology equity for the business.

Check our Customized Information Technology Solutions for your business.

  • Project Management for Green Building Charettes
  • Collaborative Design Systems
  • Small to Medium Scale Business Implementation
  • Accounting, Finance, and Invoicing
  • Document Synchronization and Sharing
  • Asset and Facility Management Tools
  • Communication Applications
  • Marketing and Web Design Development
  • Mobile/Tablet Media Applications

Product and Systems Development

At Krayno, we embrace a creative laboratory atmosphere so we could continuously find ways on how to enhance the cause of green initiatives for builders, communities, and the environment alike specially oriented towards national development.

With the advent of collaborative construction and bidirectional parametric modeling technologies, Krayno is working with key agencies and private institutions in coming up with green analysis systems for local building design applications. We are looking into developing platforms for collaboration and interoperability with various building information modeling BIM integration by adopting standards of neutral protocols of GbXML and IFC.

Get in touch with us on Green Technology Research and Developments.

Advocacy Workshops

Krayno organizes extensive public programme of Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Training Courses, and Events aimed at improving our understanding of the emerging worldwide green building and construction industries as well as the role of new technologies in today’s setting. Have the chance to meet new players of like-minded interests and explore a number of open market opportunities. Sign-up to our mailing list to receive the latest activity offerings or better yet, register in one of the events.

Collaborative Green Building Projects

We love to work with new ideas and sustainable design developments. Be it for furthering a green product invention to strengthening the intent of a green building project, Krayno is here for you.

Learn more about Green Building Project Partnerships.

  • Architecture and Engineering Services
  • Green Building Certification Requirements
  • Green Vendors and Suppliers
  • BIM Management and Coordination
  • Energy Modeling
  • Baseline Data Measurements
  • Integrated Project Delivery Framework
  • Green Charette Facilitation
  • Controls and Interface Engineering
  • Adaptive Smart Building Management Systems
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy
  • Product or Technology Invention

Research and Literature

Krayno promotes research and literature studies on the various topics on collaborative sustainable developments and green technology intervention. We actively pursue academic, commercial, and government entities to provide in-depth perspectives on key matters involving climate change, information technology, and the building industry. Should you be interested to acquire our research and development services, feel free to get in touch with us.