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The global initiatives for sustainability continue to grow as businesses aim to be more environmentally responsible entities. Krayno takes part in these initiatives through collaborative green building projects that allow groups and individuals gain significant learning experiences and strategic output.

Green building project partnership is a gathering of like-minded leaders with the aim of creating cost effective green projects attainable with the right team and an integrated program. Krayno’s collaborative model includes green planning, design, smart technologies development, products, research, and education.

The Green Trend

The latest SmartMarket Report by McGraw-Hill Construction shows that more building and construction firms around the world are planning to include more than 60% of green projects to their work. The report was completed through a survey with building and construction practitioners from a total of 62 countries across the globe.

In the Philippines, it is estimated that around 30% of multinational corporations prefer offices located in buildings that are environment-friendly. This goes to the extent that it becomes a corporation’s personal mandate to house their office in a green infrastructure.

Why Go Green?

The recent green building shift is an answer to the threat posed by increasing water and energy insufficiencies experienced around the world. Businesses now are more concerned with positive long term effects rather than immediate savings which is why they opt for eco-oriented buildings and infrastructures that assures lower operating costs.

Sustainable development projects has also become a business imperative due to growing client and market demand accelerating its growth even more. Green architecture traverses both social and environmental aspects: doing the right thing for the environment is doing the right thing for the population.

Green Collaboration

Collaborative projects allow for the integration of a variety of ideas from people with different expertise. Those ideas are utilized to arrive at a common goal or purpose promoting meaningful learning experiences for involved entities. Krayno creates a platform that serves as a melting pot for experts and professionals with an aim to accelerate the growth of green-building practices. We provide a supportive structure that is agile, flexible, and interoperable.

Take Part in Green Initiatives!

Krayno’s sustainable building advisors, LEED APs, architects, technologists, and various green advocates are dedicated to make a difference. Please contact us for any collaboration on green building project initiatives and smart technologies.





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Diana Morada

Project and communications manager. Focused on making contributions for the achievement of Krayno's goal of promoting internationally recognized green building standards and practices via a variety of mediums and strategies.

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