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The past weeks have been all about preparing and organizing our missions in furthering green building practices and technologies in the Philippines. As you are probably aware, green technologies encompass wide topic areas ranging from simple water elevation sensors to complex adaptive building information systems. And somewhere around the world right now, there is usually some green innovation being developed or someone working with another in growing an idea. We decided to start by exploring that fundamental drive for a tool to address thought organization exchanges.

We are currently in the developmental phase for a new framework which uses the concept of burst and collate thought processes we are naming as the Zial Mingle Model Framework or ZialMMF for short. Or Zial for shortest. The principle behind to which is that human communication does not lie on a linear path but rather we exchange bursts of thoughts and we find ways on how to categorize them into clusters so we could establish abstract relationships with these thoughts.

This proprietary framework in the make will be web-oriented which could be customized to serve various applications from the way we manage design ideas, to handling projects, as well as networking avenue for communities. It is our intention for Zial to be a malleable information model making future collaboration online intuitive and full of discoveries.

Watch out for our beta release of Zial in the late weeks of June to come.

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Krayno Green Technologies is an eco-tech company into researching and developing technologies to help promote for responsive and environmentally oriented approaches in sustainable practices. Krayno hopes to provide green innovations specially with the integration of technologies in building and construction industries.

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