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Maximize the potential of your business through customized, efficient, innovative, and green-oriented technological solutions.

Green designers and builders continuously seek ways to address innovation and efficiency in collaborative construction with the proper use of information technology.

It is at this time when information technology is rapidly influencing how green standards and practices conduct businesses within the Building and Construction Industry is where we come in.

Front-loaded Approach

Many in the industry around the globe today are steering away from traditional approaches in architecture, engineering, project management, and construction where the bulk of resources are used up on iteration disagreements of projects.

Krayno proposes better understanding of results-based monitoring and evaluation tactics in addressing integrated project delivery facilitation. And at the same time, to explore a number of cloud computing, web-enabled systems, or targeted applications solutions to help any industry firm adopt current IT tools and infrastructure.

Green Technology Solutions

Krayno is anything but the usual. It is a full-service technology solutions provider offering green building consultancy and systems integration of eco-oriented technology developments from business operations to project implementations. Be it for green building design, documenting communications, project management, monitoring performances, billing quantities, social networking, or smart product developments, Krayno stays true to its mission in helping Philippine local designers and builders leverage on technology to aspire for internationally recognized green building programs and frameworks.

You talk, Krayno listens. The most crucial step in enhancing a business’ operational performance is the agility to transform a vision challenge to equity. Krayno works with thought leaders and innovators to strategically devise and implement IT solutions around those needs to create fresh approaches in sustainable business successes.

BIM Design Analysis

Krayno also extends its own design capacities for Building Information Modeling (BIM) interoperable and integrative options and uses that expertise to streamline other green design incentives and coordination. Parametric design development such as BIM technology maximizes level of predictability and at the same time, allows for quantifiable feedback experimentation to aid in optimizing strategies for each project completion.

Customized Technology As A Solution

But most of all, it is our deep interest on environment and smart communities which inspires us to continuously research and develop green technology products and services in the hope for innovating future outcomes with today’s building practices.

Whatever the challenge of the intention is, Krayno assures that the knowledge and technology solutions it offers will always be targeted, strategic, and highly-efficient.

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Krayno Green Technologies is an eco-tech company into researching and developing technologies to help promote for responsive and environmentally oriented approaches in sustainable practices. Krayno hopes to provide green innovations specially with the integration of technologies in building and construction industries.

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