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Facilitating seminars and training events that promotes green building practices with the integration of emerging technologies and providing an avenue for professionals and enthusiasts to share green-related knowledge is one of Krayno’s advocacies.

Sharing a Unified Goal

Sixth on the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations is ensuring environmental sustainability. Moreover, Agenda 21, a program adopted by 172, 108 governments all over the world at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), was launched to ensure the Earth’s sustainability. In 1996, Philippine Agenda 21 was adopted in the country as “the nation’s blueprint for sustainable development*,” proving our government’s commitment to the UNCED.

Numerous steps have been taken for the single goal of promoting sustainable development and Krayno shares this same goal with the Philippine government and the world.

Technology Integration

Ours is a time of mobility, convenience, and efficiency. Technological innovations have transformed the way we adapt to our surrounding the same way it transformed our environment. Sophisticated tools have sprung up accelerating the rate of advancements in the green building industry even more. Krayno utilizes these advancements and integrates them with the already existing eco-oriented building practices to arrive at a strategically enhanced approach to sustainable development.

Accelerated Diffusion of Information

Various government offices and international organizations have spearheaded programs that promote and accelerate the sharing of eco-related information. Although green practices are slowly becoming a phenomenon, still quite a number from the population are uninformed on the capabilities of green technology to transform the market positively. A lot of information is still not readily available.

Krayno, working with the Open TBI program of DOST-PEZA, aims to scale up the impact of the green movement coupled with information technology by mechanizing a series of seminars and training events that are available to the public.

Krayno seminars and trainings also provide network opportunities for professionals seeking to promote new ideas and practices to better improve the green building industry.

Supporting the Advocacy

Krayno’s efforts are fortified with the support of other entities, groups, and individuals who share the same goals and passion.

If you are a highly experienced professional in the field of green technology or green building who is interested in sharing knowledge and information, or if you’re interested in participating and would like to get an update on our seminars, training, and similar workshop events, please get in touch with us.



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Diana Morada

Project and communications manager. Focused on making contributions for the achievement of Krayno's goal of promoting internationally recognized green building standards and practices via a variety of mediums and strategies.

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